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child beauty pageants

Dreams Do Come True and This is Where They Start!

MAC (Miss American Coed) Pageants is a scholarship pageant system for girls and young women between the ages of 3 and 22. Thousands of dollars in cash awards, prizes and scholarships are presented each year to contestants from all over the country.

We offer an excellent opportunity for young women and girls to compete in teen and child pageants where they can gain the self-confidence needed to be successful in life. Every year we see hundreds of young ladies arrive on pageant weekend... too unsure or shy to get on stage by themselves. By pageant time they are enjoying new found friends, new found confidence, and being in the spotlight! That’s what the MAC (Miss American Coed) Pageants are all about!

Of course, we want to have a part in making happy memories for the Miss Michigan American Coed Pageant contestants... but more importantly... we want every contestant who competes in our Children's pageants, Teen pageants and Coed pageants to go home with a new sense of self-worth... a self-confidence which they have never had before... poise which can only be developed by actual practice and stage experience.

In other words, we want them to gain confidence, set and achieve goals, and learn to be the BEST PERSON THEY CAN BE. These are the most important prizes contestants can take home with them.

Any girl who is interested in pursuing a career as a child or teen model, an entertainer, or competing at a very high level within the Miss America or Miss USA pageant systems would benefit greatly from her involvement with MAC (Miss American Coed) Pageants. So, don't delay. Send in your application today!

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